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  • General: What does a restore disk do?

    • A restore will wipe your pc and set it back to manufacturer settings. The pc will be placed back to a state of working as when it was new.

  • General: What do I need to do after I finish restoring my pc?

    • You will need to install an Anti-Virus program before going online. Most pc’s come with a Free Anti-Virus Trial installed, but remember, the pc is back to original settings as when it was new. For example, if you purchased the pc in 2004, the Free Anti-Virus Trial only has capability to protect your pc from viruses that existed on or before 2004. New virus are created daily, so remember to update your Anti-virus program by purchasing one or immediately selecting to update the virus definitions as indicated by the Anti-Virus program.

    • You will need to perform an update. A notice will appear on your screen letting you know that your pc needs to be updated. Say yes to this option and updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. To do this, you will need to be connected to the internet.

  • General: What will happen to my data?

    • All programs, software and applications that were installed after you purchased the pc will be removed. You will need to back them up before attempting the restore and reinstall them after you finish the restore.

    • The restore will reinstall any program, software, and applications that originally shipped with your pc model. Any extra software will need to be reinstalled using the installation disc you received when you purchased the software or application.

  • Tracking: What happens if I do not receive my package although tracking shows that it was delivered?

    • Call or email us letting us know that despite the tracking information, your package did not arrive. A representative will be happy to assist you. Remember to check your shipping address as it could be missing apartment numbers, suite numbers or could be an old PayPal shipping address.

  • Tracking: How long does it take to receive my order?

    • All orders ship within 24 hours, Except Weekends and Holidays.

    • Standard Free Shipping orders arrive in 2-7 business days from the date of purchase. Express Orders, which carry an additional $20.00 charge, are guaranteed 1-2 business days, Except Weekends and Holidays. All Express Orders must be received by 2:00 pm Eastern Standard time to ship that day; otherwise, the order will ship the next business day. If you place an Express Order on Friday, 2:10 pm Eastern Time, for example, it will ship Monday morning, provided it is not a Holiday.

  • Error: My PC gives me an ERROR: NTLDR MISSING or CORRUPT

    • When the NTLDR missing error comes up, it means that a major folder containing part of the boot loading mechanism for the Windows operating systems is corrupt or missing. Since performing a restore will format your hard drive and then place the pc back to manufacturer settings, this error message will be resolved.

  • Can I mail in my order?

    • Yes, please call customer service for instructions, 678-715-3329.
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