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  • We carry Computer Recovery Kits for most computer models. Recovery Kits will put your computer back to the state it was in when the computer was new.

  • We specialize in end of life desktop and laptops. Our highly skilled staff has over twenty years of computer repair, computer recovery and restoration experience. We understand your pc recovery needs and provide the most affordable way to bring your computer back to life. It is our dedication to our customers that has made us one of the most trusted pc recovery companies today.

  • Click on the FIND A RESTORE DISK button above to find your computers recovery set.

  • Important things to remember: Always back up your data before attempting a restore.

  • You must back up all Software, Programs, Applications, documents, pictures, music, etc before attempting to restore your pc.

  • All your Software, Programs, and Applications that were installed on the pc after it was purchased will be deleted.

  • Restore disks are also referred to by these terms - windows xp system restore , system restore xp , windows vista system restore ,or reinstall windows 7 disks.

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